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Two way soft closing: wardrobe accessories included accessories

Time: 2019/09/19

Two way soft closing: wardrobe accessories included accessories

I believe that every girl who loves beauty wants to have her own custom closet, but what accessories are in the custom closet that we need to pay attention to? Let\'s take a look at the wardrobe storage Xiaobian for everyone to bring the small details of the accessories included in the wardrobe. wardrobe accessories included accessories:Two way soft closing Unihopper hardware:

1, adjust the foot When the closet cabinet is installed, keep a certain distance from the ground, so the cabinet support should be removed from the ground. At this time, the cabinet must be supported by a foot. If the quality of this adjustment foot is not good, it will cause the bearing force to sag after a long time, affecting the focus of the table top, causing cracking of the table top and distortion of the cabinet. The height can also be adjusted. When the cabinet is supported, due to ground or process error factors, the cabinet is not level. If it is not level, the consequences are: uneven bearing capacity after the countertop, and the proportion of cracking in the future is large. rise. Therefore, this foot can be adjusted in height, and the cabinet surface can be leveled! Unihopper hardware:

2, wardrobe pull basket The wardrobe basket is a hardware product that has been used in recent years to store clothes in wardrobes and cloakrooms. The appearance of the wardrobe basket can make the space in the wardrobe more rational and the usage rate is better. Unihopper hardware:

3, hinge The hinge is the hinge, which is the accessory for connecting the cabinet and the door panel. The closing of the closet switch is controlled by the hinge and is one of the most important accessories of the wardrobe. The quality of the hinge directly affects the smoothness of the closing of the closet door and the tightness of the closet door. Some of the hidden doors are noisy and obviously not smooth when switching, and it is likely that the quality of the hinge is not good. The quality of the good wardrobe hardware is smooth, the coating is thick, it is not easy to rust, the bearing capacity is strong, the cabinet door is stretched freely, and the door is not tight. When the door is opened, the force is softer, close to 15 degrees. It will rebound automatically and the resilience will be very uniform. Inferior hinges have a short service life and are easy to fall off. For example, cabinet doors and cabinets fall down, mostly due to the quality of the hinges. Unihopper hardware:

4, guide rail The sliding door of the closet and the guide rail of the drawer are grooves or ridges made of metal or other materials that can withstand, secure, guide the wardrobe sliding door and reduce friction. Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of the rail are used to guide and secure the pulley. It has a high load-bearing capacity and can easily slide under high load conditions. A well-worked guide rail does not require much effort when moving (pull) the sliding door (drawer), and the sound is small and feels smooth, while the poor quality guide rail may cause jumping and derailing. The above is the introduction of the custom accessories of the wardrobe, I hope to help everyone.