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Whether the Wardrobe custom home is environmentally friendly can be judged from these four points

Time: 2019/09/19

Whether the Wardrobe custom home is environmentally friendly can be judged from these four points

Today, most families are pursuing environmentally friendly furniture products, so they will choose a method of customizing their home. But is Wardrobe custom home so environmentally friendly? This is actually not certain, because there are so many custom brands on the market, there will be some inferior brands, if you want to customize the Wardrobe  furniture environmentally friendly, you must learn to distinguish. Then, the following small series will teach you how to identify.

 1. See if the brand has an environmental testing certificate.  There is no way to say that many companies now call out the slogan of environmental protection, but in order to prove this, it is necessary to have a convincing foundation. If it is claimed that environmental protection must have the ten-ring certification mark of the Green Building Materials of the State Environmental Protection Administration. This is the main criterion for measuring the scale of custom Wardrobe furniture brands, product quality and comprehensive strength.

2, according to the odor recognition of the board The biggest feature of environmentally friendly plates is that there is no pungent odor. When choosing materials, we can smell the nose near the cabinet, and there is no pungent smell that makes us uncomfortable. If so, then we must choose carefully. But pay attention to the difference between woody and pungent odors. The irritating odor is mainly harmful substances, and it will feel irritating eyes.

 3, see if the edge is good  The quality of custom Wardrobe furniture edge banding technology is of paramount importance and is an important aspect that affects the environmental protection of custom furniture panels. Edge sealing is a kind of sealing treatment on the edge of the cutting board, which can effectively isolate the harmful substances in the board. When choosing a brand, we can see how the sample is sealed. If it is convenient, we can go to the custom home hardware manufacturer to see their process. 

4, look at the brand reputation  Look at the brand reputation, we must know whether it is trustworthy, so we can inquire about the brand reputation, look at the consumer\'s evaluation of the brand, and thus determine whether the brand\'s environmental protection is guaranteed.