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How long can a custom wardrobe last? Key to Unihopper hardware

Time: 2019/09/12
How long can a custom wardrobe last? Key to Unihopper hardware

When people look at customized wardrobes, they attach great importance to moving doors and sealing edges. Small hardware hinges are often overlooked. A good wardrobe is composed of plates, wardrobe doors and hardware accessories. Hinges are one of the important hardware parts of wardrobes.

If furniture is the style coat of the moulder, then hardware accessories are the soul of furniture, injecting vitality into the quality of life.

Hinges, also known as hinges, are hardware fittings used to connect cabinet doors and cabinets. The closet hinge is connected by two patches, which are machined with an iron bar. Connected patches can move freely, punching holes on two patches respectively, one is fixed on the wardrobe door, the other is fixed on the side of the wardrobe, so that the wardrobe door can be opened and closed freely and conveniently.

The quality of fittings is an important factor related to the life of furniture. Hinge is a functional fittings. Its practicability is greater than decoration. In the frequent opening and closing process of wardrobe, it is the most tested fittings.

Flexible fittings are the strong guarantee of wardrobe product quality. The hinge structure used is stable and the service life is long. Under the condition of 120 kg load, after continuous opening and pulling up to 150,000 times of load test and switching test, the wardrobe will not be deformed and used normally. The service life can reach 10-15 years, and the load test is more close to or higher than the reality. This test can prove the high quality of the product.