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Unihopper hardware:Easy hardware choices. These seven points are enough

Time: 2019/08/28
Unihopper hardware:Easy hardware choices. These seven points are enough

When we decorate, we often hear that hardware must be bought well, cheap hardware is prone to problems, so many hardware at home, how to judge the good or bad?

1. Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen is an important place for us to eat three meals a day. We should give priority to safety and health. 304 stainless steel is recognized as food-grade stainless steel by the state. It is suggested that all kitchens choose 304 stainless steel hardware.

2. Bathroom Hardware

The most important hardware in bathroom is floor drain, once the selection is not good, there will be a variety of discomfort in the later period. It is suggested that you buy some pure copper odor-proof floor drain. The price is more expensive, but the use effect is really good.

3. Hinges

The most commonly used hinges are the connections between cabinets and cabinet doors. There are two common materials: stainless steel and cold-rolled steel. Stainless steel can be used in humid environments, such as kitchens, balconies and bathrooms. Cold-rolled steel is more suitable for bedrooms.

4. Drawer slides

Drawer slides can be pushed and pulled conveniently only when the right slides are selected. They are flexible to use. The common drawer slides are the base type, the steel ball type and the roller type. Roller type is not recommended for purchase, because there will be some noise pollution, steel ball type is the best use, quiet, smooth, flexible use.

5. Indoor Lock

Indoor lock is also a very important hardware, we can try to cover up the small skills before buying, you can hold things with your hands straight open, convenient and fast without delay.

6. Hoop

A lot of door switch when there is sound, that must be the hinge is not selected, it is recommended that you choose the copper material of the hinge, not only can prevent rust, 56 beads of the hinge is more convenient to use.

7. Bathroom shelf

The bathroom always needs 1-2 shelves to accommodate our bath towels, towels and other things. Don\'t mistake stainless steel for not rusting. If you buy the wrong space aluminium plating only one layer, it will rust. 304 stainless steel and pure copper materials are all right. You must have a good look before choosing.