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Unihopper hardware: What are the common hardware accessories?

Time: 2019/07/30

Unihopper hardware : What are the common hardware accessories?

Hardware fittings are very many now, but what is hardware fittings, commonly used hardware fittings which we do not know, I will introduce what commonly used hardware fittings.

Hardware fittings refer to machine parts or components made of hardware, as well as some hardware products. It can be used alone or as an aid. For example, hardware tools, hardware components, daily hardware, building hardware and security supplies. Hardware products are mostly not final consumer goods. It is used as supporting products, semi-finished products and tools in the production process of industrial manufacturing, etc. Only a small number of daily hardware products (accessories) are the necessary tool consumer goods for people\'s life.

What hardware accessories are commonly used in custom wardrobes?

1. Guide rail: The guide rail of the moving door and drawer of the wardrobe is a groove or ridge made of metal or other materials, which can bear, fix and guide the moving door of the wardrobe and reduce its friction.

2. Grooves or ridges for guiding and fixing pulleys. It has high load-bearing capacity and can easily slide under high load.

3. Hand-in-hand: There are many kinds of hand-in-hand, the picture is very traditional hand-in-hand, common in Chinese furniture, in reality there are various styles, materials are also different, the picture is copper hand-in-hand.

4. Hinges: Hinges are what we commonly call hinge pages. They are responsible for connecting cabinets and door panels. They are used in wardrobes in peacetime. Among the hardware hinges, the most tested one is the hinges. Therefore, it is also one of the most important hardware cabinets.

5. Lab basket: Lab basket also has guide rail structure, but because it is also metal material itself, it is also classified as hardware in the wardrobe.

6. There are a lot of hardware in the wardrobe, but the most important thing is the hinges and guideways. Whether their quality is passed or not is related to the normal use of the wardrobe. These two key components are highlighted below.